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No, like I said, I am not obsessed with Doctor Who
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hmmm... what to say... I don't like these questions much. it's like when you play one of those "get to know you games", and you have to say something interesting about yourself, and I never know what to say!! Well, I am a self-confessed Chemistry nerd, who speaks French (but not the speaking-French-Chemistry type) and teaches piano to unsuspecting children. Or minions. I am also a Christian, and my faith is the most important thing I posess in this life.

I also may possess numerous obsessions at any one time. At the moment, these include Doctor Who and The Ten Tenors, who are quite possibly the best ten singers. Ever. And the ten best looking ones too o_O. These obsessions are usually obsessed about within the entries of this journal and are reflected in my userpics and my moodthemes.

Please don't be freaked out. I'm really quite normal....


Also skep made this for me as I am too uncreative to make it myself...

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Date Created:2004-08-13
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Kjd_pferd is really called Kimberley, but she seems to like German horses a fair bit. She looks like any other ridiculously smart, horse-riding piano player (though sadly her talents do not lie in the riding-horses-whilst-playing-the-piano-at-the-same-time area) but spend five minutes talking to her and you will discover that Doctor Who has TAKEN OVER HER BRAIN.
Strengths: geniously smart, friendly, musical, insane, easily-amused
Weaknesses: The Captains Jack (Sparrow and Harkness), trying to pronounce Raxacoricofallapatorius, collecting icons of Doctor Who, watching Doctor Who, obsessing over Doctor Who
Special Skills: piano playing of DOOM, eating Fox Mints, teaching others to follow in her footsteps of the piano playing of DOOM (minions! Minions!, encyclopaedic knowledge of new Doctor Who episodes
Weapons: music, giant brain, scary french speaking
Personal Quote: Was Geoffrey Rush in that?

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